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Flappy Bird hack and Cheats is a fresh release that will astound you with its challenging and fun levels, in spite of the fact that it much of the time will get you extremely frustrated. Numerous game fans are searching for working cheats and tools in order to enhance their gameplay and avoid the frustration. To satisfy their requests, we designed a 100% remarkable and working Flappy Bird Cheats iOS/Android Pack that will allow you to advance through stages and acquire amazing high scores faster and easier. By utilizing our Cheats Pack, you will hack Flappy Bird, for free, within seconds. It’s very simple and anyone can do it. All you have to do is to download it and run it according to our recommendations.

Flappy Bird Cheats Android and iOS Cheats Pack was designed by our computer programming team, utilizing the most recent game script version. Before releasing any program, we firstly test them out on different devices in order to determine that they are working flawlessly and don’t have any bugs, to make sure they will satisfy your requirements. We guarantee you that you will have a blast using our unique Cheats Pack.

Flappy Bird Cheats Details:

  • Operating System: Mac OS X, Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / 2003 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Linux, Android, iOS.
  • Anti-Ban Protection: Yes.
  • Undetectable Script: Yes.
  • Tested multiple times on various devices and works flawlessly.

How to use Flappy Bird Cheats:

      1. Download Flappy Bird Cheats Pack from one of the mirrors below.
      2. Extract the archive, read the full info from the .txt file.
      3. Copy the files from the folder in your phone memory by using the data transfer cable.
      4. Open the game.
      5. Activate the desired options by using the proper commands (see the info from the .txt).
      6. That’s it! Enjoy using our Flappy Bird Cheats
      7. Press Share and go to download free Cheats



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Flappy Bird Hack cheats (works 100%)

About Flappy Bird


Flappy Bird is a bird flying game released by .GEARS Studios on May 2013 for iOS and Android. The game’s motto reflects the main action from the game: “Flap your wings to fly”. The controls are simple and intuitive: players must tap the screen in order to flap the bird’s wings and rise in height. The main purpose of the game is to avoid the pipes and in order to get the biggest score. There are 4 levels of difficulty, each of them awarding the player with a medal if he succeeds completing them: Bronze (Easy), Silver (Medium), Gold (Hard), and Platinum (Very Hard). Flappy Bird is a new aspiring game that is considered the new Angry Birds. Also, because of its challenging and fun levels, it is considered as the most frustrating game ever invented. Flappy Bird took the iOS and Android App Store by storm: in January 2014, it ended as the most download App in the free category of Android and iOS App Stores.


Download Flappy Bird Android


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Download Flappy Bird Android

Description :

Hello , Afer developer removed Flappy bird from google play , i want to present you Flappy Bird for Adroid download .
Flappy bird is apear 2013 developed in Hanoi by Vietnam – based developer Nguy?n Hà ?ông published by Gears Studios.
Is a independent and small company based in Vietnam.
Flappy Bird it was released May 2013 for Iphone 5 and updated to iOS6 later in september 2013. January 2014 Flappy Bird is most downloaded Game in free category of the American and Chinese Itunes App Stores and later monts from the Uk app store , it was as the new Angry Birds :)

Interface of Game is very simple , aim of game is to keep  bird up in the air  , it’s very hard to go through those tight pipes .
After developer removed game from google play , more friends want to play flappy bird .
Download Froom the direct apk link share at the end site .


Flappy Bird Cheats for Iphone


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Flappy Bird Cheats for Iphone was made for you as a new and trending tool for the most blazing iOS, Android and Google Play application of 2014, the Flappy Bird game.


To get the complete satisfaction of the different pursuers of Flappy Bird Hack Tool, we engineered an extraordinary one, which offers the possibility to advance through the levels by getting incredible high scores and over achieving all the tests quicker and easier.

The program emphasizes two essential components: endless lives, and open all medals features. Utilizing the tool we compiled it is highly natural and natural, since you don’t need to be a computer/device geek. Basically, you need to tap the right area of device’s screen to activate a certain option after you activated that specific option in the Settings Menu. We provide all the straightforward steps you need to follow for a successful and adequate utilization of the Flappy Bird Hack Tool. The program is compatible with any iOS and Android devices available. Flappy Bird Hack is the ideal tool, simple to utilize, that features the most astounding gaming achievements and top scores. Flappy Bird Hack is the best when you need help with boosting the gaming completion and degrees of accomplishment.

Download Flappy bird cheats